It’s that time of year when princesses, superheroes, pirates, and witches roam the streets. They may not be too scary for us, however can be a frightful experience for our pets. Here are some recommendations for our 4-legged friends to keep them stress-free this Halloween.

Keep your pets inside. There will be lots of extra activity in the streets that may cause your dog to become frightened or agitated by the sights and sounds of trick or treaters. Pets should be kept in a secluded room where they feel comfortable and away from the activity. This will ensure that your pets won’t panic and when bell-ringing trick-or-treaters arrive, nor will they become threatened or aggressive at the sight of costumed little people.

Dressing up is fun for humans, but may not be fun for our pets. If your pet tolerates a costume, keep in mind your pet must be comfortable at all times. Avoid any costumes that use rubber bands or anything that might constrict circulation or breathing. Likewise, avoid costumes with toxic paints, dyes or that are edible.

Lastly, we have the most common surrounding the Halloween season – Candy. Most people know that chocolate can be toxic to pets, even in small amounts. However, lollipop sticks and foil wrappers can cause blockages in the intestinal tract. Candy sweetened with xylitol can cause a life-threatening drop in blood sugar. Some pets can get an upset stomach (vomiting and diarrhea) just from eating a piece of candy since it isn’t part of the regular diet.

Keep those critters safe this Halloween and please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns!