• Pets and Covid – This article from the AVMA discusses COVID-19 and pets, and how to keep them safe.
  • American Kennel Club – Purebred dog association, lots of information on different breeds of dogs.
  • American Humane Association -The American Humane Association is a national leader in identifying and preventing the causes of child and animal abuse and neglect. It also provides advocacy, training, research, technical assistance and other services in the area of child and animal protection.
  • AKC Reunite – AKC microchip registration, information, and recovery
  • Veterinary Oral Health Council: This website contains information about all recommended and approved dental products for pets and their uses.
  • Pet Poison Helpline: This website is equivalent to pet poison control and is helpful to call if your pet ever ingests a potentially dangerous item that may be toxic. They help guide you as a pet owner and guide the veterinarian treating the pet for toxicity cases.