When your pet seems healthy and vibrant, a visit to the vet may be the last thing on your mind. But maintaining a routine schedule of preventive care exams is key to ongoing health.

Pets are wired to hide illness, and even the most attentive pet parents can miss the subtle signs of a problem. Issues like obesity, ear infection and parasites can be masked beneath thick fur, and noticeable symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease and other ailments may not be present in the early stages of the diseases.

Research shows that common pet diseases — such as diabetes, dental disease and parasites — have increased as visits to veterinarians have declined. You can help turn that trend around. National Pet Wellness Month in October is a great time to focus on maintaining your pet’s robust health.

While the internet offers an abundance of tips on pet wellness, it can’t replace a thorough, hands-on examination by a trained and licensed veterinarian. Scheduling a preventive care visit is a key step on the path to a long, healthy life for your pet.

We will evaluate your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, lymph nodes, heart, lungs, abdomen and musculoskeletal system; give any needed vaccinations and parasite screens and offer recommendations for diet and other care at home.

While your pet’s health is our primary concern, it’s not the only thing that stands to benefit from a carefully designed preventive care plan. Your wallet also may reap rewards.

By preventing common ailments and addressing health concerns early, routine preventive care exams can help you avoid more expensive treatments later. For many people, this adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of savings.

Preventive care exams are a vital step to protect both your pet’s health and your wallet. Schedule an appointment today!