Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The crisp air, the evening walks with turning fall foliage, and the last of the sub-freezing Autumn temperatures until springtime. However, along with this beauty comes some lurking dangers–as a result of our winter preparations and also the increased amount of activity in our homes due to holidays. In fact, it’s no surprise when we take a look at the Pet Poison Helpline (which by the way, has an increase of 12% this week due to Halloween emergencies), that there are many common items that can present a great danger to pets. We’ve listed some of those here, along with a few others:

1. Acorns–Yes, it’s true–common and everywhere, but when ingested can cause significant complications for your pet.

2. Xylitol–This is a common sugar substitute, often found in gum, Even very small amounts of this sweetener can present signs of toxicity within 30 minutes according to the AVMA. Keep any sweets, handbags, etc. out of your curious pet’s reach.

3. Antifreeze–the Pet Poison Helpline indicates that even one teaspoon of antifreeze can be fatal to pets–depending on the size. Pets are attracted to its sweet taste. It is critical to call us if you see early signs of poisoning, such as becoming uncoordinated, excessive thirst, or lethargy, as even if signs appear to lesson, the internal damage is actually worsening.

4. Mothballs–As you take out your winter sweaters, be ready to immediately throw away any mothballs. These can be deadly to your pet.

5. Rodenticides (mouse and rat poisons)–As you are winterizing your cabin, boat, or garage, make sure to keep these hidden away or up high beyond the reach of your pet. Unfortunately, even if your pet consumes a large number of mice that have been poisoned by mouse poison, your pet can also be affected by the poisons.

With a bit of advanced preparation and caution, hopefully, your autumn will be uneventful in regard to pet emergencies and leave time for spending quality time with your treasured companion instead. Should you find yourself in an emergency, please do not hesitate to call us immediately.