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Welcome to Duluth Veterinary Hospital!

We have been providing state of the art care for pets and their owners since the late 1940’s.  We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which designates higher standards in veterinary care.  Our mission is to provide personalized, high quality care for pets and their owners characterized by trust, respect, and compassion.  We strive continually to improve our care of pets and people through innovation, education, and teamwork.

Hospital Services

  • Routine Preventative Care & Surgery
  • LASER Surgery
  • Digital Radiology
  • Dentistry
  • Intensive care
  • Orthopedic and soft tissue surgery


Contact Us

Duluth Veterinary Hospital
2015 London Road
Duluth, MN  55812
Tel: (218) 728-3616

For daily general inquiries: info@duluthvet.com

Doctors email will be answered within 48-72 hours

Seasonal Topic

With summer comes the heat, insects, and dangerous plants. Here are some important Warm weather tips from vetstreet.com


Featured Article

Ticked Off About Ticks!! - Tick-Borne Diseases


Tick borne diseases are on the rise in our area. Those pesky little buggers are not only alarming to find on us, but they can also cause significant disease for our pets. In fact, at Duluth Veterinary Hospital alone in 2013, 32% of dogs we tested were positive for exposure to a tick borne disease (Lyme disease 13%, Anaplasmosis 18%, Ehrlichia 1%, co-infection 5%). There are many serious affects of these diseases, and preventing them is the best medicine.


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