Dr. Kristin Dank

Veterinarians - Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kristin Dank was born into a military family and has lived throughout the United States as a result.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Genetics, Cell biology and Development.  She graduated from the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014, and has been practicing in Minnesota since.  Her professional interests include small animal dentistry and internal medicine, and she enjoys the challenge of working with patients who can't tell you what is wrong.  Dr. Dank looks forward to building lasting relationship with the animals and people who come to Duluth Veterinary Hospital.  Her pet family includes three rescue dogs: a Jack Russell - Beagle mix named Lady, a Pit Bull - German Shorthair mix named Jax, and a Labrador - Dachshund mix named Benelli.  Even with 3 dogs, Dr. Dank's cats Garfunkel and Edgar, are the ones who are truly in charge.  In her free time, Dr. Dank enjoys spending time with her sons, husband, and four legged family members.  Outside of veterinary medicine, she also loves traveling, skiing, hiking, and camping.